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Sunday, December 4, 2011

5th Grade Yearbook Dedication

I can't believe that I have to search this out tonight! My daughter is getting ready to graduate from Elementary School this year! Wow! I have decided to do a dedication in her yearbook and I haven't a clue how to express to her how much she means to me and how proud me and the hubby are of her!

So, it's off to research! Most of the articles that I found referred to the short signatures that students and teachers place in the back of yearbooks, but that's not what I am looking for. I am looking for 1/4 page or 1/2 page dedication from Danny and I to my oldest celebrating her and her achievements!

Here are some great tips that I found!

Address the person to whom you are writing the dedication. 
Well duh! But, "Dear" seems too professional to me, so I am choosing between just "A" or "My sweet A"

Include a Photo. 
Do I use a baby picture or a first day of school picture? Hmmmm....gotta think on that one.

I could create a small collage of school photos from kindergarten through fifth grade or a photo of your child with family members. This photo can be further personalized by superimposing your child's name, fifth grade school year and a brief note of congratulations over the image. Be sure to use a crisp photo that will print clearly in the yearbook.

Include an inside joke or personal experience. 
This would require a reference to penguins or the first day that she made me drop her off at the front of the building for school. (That was the day I cried. I didn't cry when she started school, I cried when she no longer allowed me to hold her hand on the way to class.) I have have to reserve that one for her high school dedication :-)

First Day of K, 2006
Personalize the Congratulations.
To make the dedication special, personalize why you're congratulating your child. For example, congratulate her on perfect grades, winning a soccer game during the year or a great ballet performance. I could definitely use that opportunity to praise the dedication that she put into her cheer leading practice this year. 4.5-6 hours a week takes a lot of dedication!

Sign the yearbook dedication.
Well, yeah, but who do we sign it from? Just me and hubby or do we include the youngest as well? My instinct says just the hubby and I, not sure why, but it does.

So here goes a draft:

My sweet little A,

It seems like not so long ago, I would hold your hand and walk you to your first days of school, but those days didn't last that long. You have grown into such a wonderful, helpful, responsible, and dedicated young lady. As I look back through the years and all you have done, my eyes well up with tears. You have been such a responsible and helpful young lady at home, dedicated to your cheer leading, and such a compassionate person to others. The light of Jesus really shines through you.

I love you and I am so very proud of you!

Okay, so that one didn't exactly come from the standpoint of me and the hubby. I may have to reserve that one for a handwritten letter to her.

Let's try this again.

Our sweet little A,

It is completely unbelievable how much you have grown. You are leaving elementary school and heading closer to the big world. But, like all little penguins, you have to grow and spread your wings.

It is so wonderful to see how you have grown into such a wonderful young lady. You have been so responsible and helpful at home, dedicated to your cheer leading, and such a compassionate person to others. The light of Jesus really shines through you.

We are so very proud of you!

Mommy and Daddy

That is much better! We'll see what the hubby thinks and update you later.

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